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Never Chase A Paycheck Again?

Never Chase A Paycheck Again?

Are You Ready to Get Off the
Financial Hamster
I Want to PERSONALLY challenge you to stop chasing paychecks and allow paychecks to start chasing you.
Take A Peek Inside the 'Never Chase Challenge'
Based on extensive research and interviews with some of the most financially successful professionals today, Robert Watkins has created a 9-step blueprint for securing success and freedom.  First, you'll get the 169-page book FREE.
Then, you'll find 9 world class instructional videos, a powerful curriculum and proven strategies about:
  • LESSON 1:   Avoid Going Broke
  • LESSON 2:   Build Your Life Around Purpose
  • ​ LESSON 3:  Develop Healthy Financial Habits
  • ​LESSON 4:  Create Your Own Income
  • ​LESSON 5:  Solve Problems and Get Paid
  • ​LESSON 6:  From Employee to Employer
  • ​LESSON 7: Confidence Makes The Difference
  • ​LESSON 8:  Make Money Work For You
  • ​LESSON 9:  Conquering The Last Enemy

When you accept my challenge to Never Chase A Paycheck Again, you'll RECEIVE THE BOOK FREE, but also receive three FREE Bonuses...

  • BONUS #1:   How to Fund Your Next Business Idea
  • BONUS #2:  The Master Key to Life Success
  • BONUS #3:  The 7 Commandments of Financial Healing
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"Robert  Watkins has produced a comprehensive and inspiring step-by-step masterpiece.  A must have for all of us who need money and relationships to secure our families, businesses and futures."
Former President of Beulah Heights University
"Dr. Watkins does it again! The Never Chase A Paycheck course is a GEM that revolutionizes how we look at the perceive our future. There's finally a practical, God-fearing resource that provides both hope and strategy."
CEO of the Knoxville Chiropractic Clinics
what if people paid you big this year?
Meet Dr. Watkins,
Founder, CEO of Conquer Consulting
  • Known as The Empire Builder for turning small businesses into big businesses 
  • Over $20 million facilitated for start-up corporations 
  • Received the Presidential Lifetime Award from the Presidential of the United States 
  • Author of several bestselling books, 20 eBooks and programs
  • Owner of prime commercial real estate to teaching others how to business wealth
This is your defining moment.
The decision for financial peace is now.
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